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The northernmost point of Norway is called the North Cape, which is the northernmost place in continental Europe.burger king crab legs and whole king crab online . There is an interesting phenomenon here. There is a dividing line in the North Cape that separates the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea.king crab cajun seafood. If you catch a king crab in the Barents Sea, You will be caught and imprisoned, but if you row a boat for less than a minute and catch a king crab in the Norwegian Sea, if you put it back into the sea, you will also be fined. Why do the same country have two different attitudes towards king crabs? Woolen cloth? Before answering this question, we must first understand the red king crabs in the Lower Barents Sea. They are the largest of all king crabs, with a maximum span of 1.8 meters between their left and right legs and a weight of more than 10 kilograms.king crab charlotte. , mainly living in the deep sea area below 850 meters, they are very demanding on the ambient temperature, the living water temperature is 2-5 ℃, and the minimum water temperature that can survive is 1.4 ℃.

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The Barents Sea is located between Norway and Russia. Before 1960, there were no king crabs in the Barents Sea.burger king crab legs. Moscow and St. Petersburg, the big Soviet cities, were all located to the west of the Barents Sea.king crab cajun seafood. However, people in these cities wanted to eat King crabs were very difficult, so Soviet biologist Yuri Orlov came up with a way. In the autumn of 1960, he brought 9 female king crabs to the Barents Sea area of ​​​​the Soviet Union. In the past ten years, as many as 3,000 king crabs have been put into Krawan one after another. Since then, king crabs have taken root here. Since the red king crab has no natural enemies in the Barents Sea, and the food here is very rich, the red king crab began to breed wildly in the Barents Sea, and with its strong reproductive ability, the red king crab successfully became the Barents Sea.king crab charlotte. The most powerful invasive species in the sea, with the increasing number of red king crabs, they began to appear in the waters of the Barents Sea in Norway in 1990.

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Although king crabs have flooded in the Barents Sea, they are not for anyone who wants to hunt them. Norway and Russia have agreed that only authorized hunting can be done, and there must be a quota limit every year.burger king crab legs. Therefore, it is illegal to hunt king crabs in the Barents waters of Norway's North Cape. For Norway, the destructive power of king crabs is too strong. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as "everywhere, no grass grows.king crab cajun seafood." Strong appetites, and often deserts on the seafloor they pass through, have caused dramatic declines in other species. However, Norway has reached a consensus with Russia to authorize hunting in the Barents Sea. Therefore, despite the flood of king crabs in the Barents Sea, it is still illegal. However, in the Norwegian Sea, which is separated from the Barents Sea, here is what Norway said. After all, Norwegians are very afraid of king crabs continuing to invade westward into the Norwegian Sea, so it is illegal for anyone to throw king crabs into the Norwegian Sea. King crabs are huge in size, delicious and juicy. They are rare delicacies in the eyes of foodies. They are also very expensive.king crab charlotte. Many people may have such questions, why is the price of king crabs so expensive?